What is considered a helicopter parent?

Helicopter parents are like helicopters that are always hovering around their children.
a helicopter parent is one of the parenting styles in which parent highly protects their child, are deeply involved in their child’s life, and Closely monitor their activity.

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Example Of Helicopter Parenting?
Imagine you’re a parent who tends to be a helicopter parent when it comes to your child’s schoolwork. You constantly check their assignments, correct their mistakes and even complete projects for them.

Ensure the safety of the child: – helicopter parents are highly protective of their children’s safety and they keep away their children from risk.

Support the child:- Helicopter parents can provide extensive guidance and support to their children, offering advice, resources, and assistance in navigating challenges or making important decisions.

Academic Achievement: –
Helicopter parents may closely monitor their child’s academic progress, ensuring they complete assignments and meet deadlines. This level of involvement can contribute to higher academic achievement.

What is helicopter parenting and why is it bad?

Lack of design-making ability.
Continues monitoring of parents and apartment pressure give birth to stress and anxiety.
All designs taken by parents, due to a lack of problem-solving activity in the child.
Low exploration and self-discovery

Am I a helicopter parent?
I want to know about am I a helicopter parent for my children, yes or no, so let me check all the following things I follow: –

I highly protect my child.
I know about my child’s all affairs including which is not necessary.
I take all designs of my child on behalf of him/her.
I do my child all work like schoolwork.
I am worrying a lot about my child.
I try to keep my child in front of me.

How to manage my helicopter parent behavior is as follows:-

I give my child responsibility and allowed them to take a design.
I guide them in their work apart from doing their work.
I give them freedom and ensure that it’s safe.
I try to develop the ability to learn from difficulties in my child.
I make sure he/she solves the problems that the issue he faces.
I learn the books and take help from a professional guide to improve myself.

To improve as a helicopter parent, reflect on your approach, set realistic expectations, encourage independence, foster open communication, practice letting go, support problem-solving skills, foster resilience, and seek support/resources.

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