He always makes her realize that she is the most special girl in his life.

He shows respect and admiration:

He will never try to break her heart instead he will find more and more reasons to make her feel special forever.

He prioritizes your happiness:

He makes you feel safe and secure:

He will always respect, care and trust her irrespective of any situations.

He is genuinely interested in your life:

When a man is truly in love, he gives every efforts to make her woman smile and feel comfortable.

He is committed and loyal:

He will never think to cheat her because he sees his whole world around her.

He accepts you for who you are: 

True love accepts and embraces you for who you are, with all your flaws and imperfections. A man who loves you deeply will love you unconditionally and appreciate your authentic self.

He listens attentively: 

A man in love will genuinely listen to you. He will pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations with you.

He supports your goals and dreams: 

A man who loves you will support your aspirations and encourage you to pursue your dreams. He will be your biggest cheerleader and believe in your abilities.