Understanding the Nature of Pain and Pleasure

Understanding the Nature of Pain and Pleasure

When seeking happiness, people often experience pain. The pursuit of happiness can lead to disappointment, as expectations might not be met. True happiness lies within us and cannot be obtained from external sources.

Ego and Its Influence:
Our ego plays a crucial role in our experiences. When unhappy, we isolate ourselves and perceive others as mocking us. We build our ego when unhappy, causing a limited perspective. Conversely, when happy, we expand and enjoy social interactions. In such times, the ego weakens.

Ego’s Impact on Happiness:
Imagine the removal of ego—what happens to your pain then? Our ego creates a world of its own, where happiness seems achievable. Even when one dream shatters, more take its place, leaving desires unfulfilled. We often neglect the pure joy we felt as children when we believed a single thing would bring happiness.

Chasing External Sources:
Whether jobless or in a relationship, people believe their happiness is tied to certain outcomes. Strangely, when the desired outcomes are met, they contribute to unhappiness. Happiness becomes elusive, as humans continually seek more, even sacrificing their well-being.

Inward Happiness:
Remember, external pursuits can never truly satisfy you. Happiness can only be experienced from within. Our longing for happiness is incessant; until it is satisfied, we keep seeking external fulfillment.

Nature of Thoughts:
When sad, every thought magnifies sadness; when happy, every thought amplifies happiness. Thoughts influence both emotions. Recognize this when caught in either state; you can’t stay limited in either sorrow or joy.

Relationships’ Evolution:
In the beginning and later years of relationships, people find paradise together, yet later, they avoid looking at each other. This parallels how a new house or car brings immense joy initially, but soon becomes ordinary, unrelated to happiness or success.

Energy of Pain and Pleasure:
Pain and pleasure both consume energy. Pain drives us to change and growth, while pleasure can create stagnation. Both states are natural, but our response to them determines our experience.

Balancing Emotions:
While pain drives us, and pleasure expands us, neither should hold us hostage. Observe your reactions, and don’t let emotions define you. Over time, learn to stand unaffected by both pain and pleasure.

Pain and pleasure are intertwined opposites. Where pleasure resides, pain does not, and vice versa. However, both are generated due to our reactions. By observing ourselves without identifying with either, we can transcend their influence and rise above them.

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