Louise Hay-Evening Meditation

Affirmations to help you end the day feeling joyful and content with gratitude for your day and to fall into a relaxed and deep sleep.

In this article we will discuss about Louise Hay-Evening Meditation. The day has ended, and the things that happened are in the past. It’s time to release them. Leave work at work. Whether your day was good or bad, it’s done, so move on. Now, with calm and care, focus on this current moment.

Relaxing and Preparing for Sleep:
This is a time for relaxing, enjoying letting go, and a time for preparing ourselves for sleep. The final action or thought before sleep stays with us. So, we aim for that last thought to be positive and comforting.

I recommend that you avoid watching or reading the news right before you go to sleep. Also, it’s best not to read newspapers during this time. You don’t want to bring those negative events to your sleep. When you sleep, your body gets a chance to recover and rejuvenate. It fixes itself and gets ready for the next day. Your mind goes into dreams where it solves the issues from the day and gets ready for tomorrow. So, let’s allow your body to unwind and get comfortable.

It does not matter if you go to sleep while I am talking, for even if your conscious mind does not hear my voice, your subconscious mind is listening to and recording every word I say. So you don’t have to do a thing, just take a nice deep breath and let go. Relax your scalp and your forehead. Your eyes are closed and gently relaxed. It feels so good to close your eyes. The muscles of your face relax, eye muscles, your cheeks, your lips, your jaw release. And now you relax the very base of your tongue, your throat softens and opens, and the back of your neck relaxes. Now your shoulders let go. This relaxed feeling moves down through your upper arms, softening the muscles into the elbows, through the lower arms, into the hands, through the knuckles, into the fingers, and down to the very fingertips. Notice the tingling sensation in your fingertips as your body becomes even more relaxed.

Allow your back to loosen up, sense your muscles becoming very heavy, and imagine your spine perfectly straight. Take another deep breath, and as you breathe out, let your chest unwind. Your rib cage is floating. Relax the stomach, feel the peace and calm in the abdominal area. Let the hips relax and the genitals, and allow that relaxed feeling to flow down into the thighs, freeing all those heavy thigh muscles. Let the knees relax and the calf muscles, and move the relaxation into the ankles, through the feet, and out the toes. Your breathing is nice and easy now. Your body is heavy and yet floating. And now your skin relaxes.

Then we go inside and allow all your internal organs to relax. And now permit your emotions to just let go. Feel the peace in your mind and body.

Choosing Positive Thoughts:
When we go to sleep, we wrap up the day, refresh our minds and our body, and we prepare ourselves for the new day. As we get ready to sleep, we should bring good thoughts with us, thoughts that will make the next day and the future great. So, if you’re holding onto anger or blame, release it. If you have feelings of resentment or rage, release them. If you’re feeling jealous or scared, let those go too. If there’s any guilt or a feeling that you deserve punishment hiding in your mind, release them as well. No matter how large a problem you may think you have, you are only dealing with a thought, and the thought can be changed. We decide to have a thought, which makes us feel a certain way, and then we think it’s true. Even if you dislike yourself, it’s just disliking a thought you have about yourself. But you can change that thought. This is where our freedom is – in picking a different thought to think.

Let’s make a deliberate decision to let go of the urge we might have to criticize and judge ourselves or others. Let us affirm that you are willing to see yourself with approval and acceptance and that you are willing to allow other people to be themselves.

Love and Healing:
Put yourself in a place where you can surround yourself with love. This will allow you to experience and share more love. Love is not something that runs out, it’s like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. The love you give out will come back to you multiplied. Love is the solution and the strongest healing power.

Forgiveness is the key to love. All illnesses are created by being unforgiving towards someone, whether they are still alive or not. When we realize that everyone in our life is a reflection of ourselves, we can let go of anger and blame. We need to be willing to release the patterns within ourselves and be grateful to others for showing us where we need to improve.

Louise Hay-Evening Meditation – Affirmation

Let’s affirm positive statements about ourselves to bring about change. Repeat these affirmations before sleep to sink them deep into your subconscious mind:

It is easy for me to change.
I willingly release the past.
Burdens easily fall away from me.
I feel free and light.
I am secure and powerful.
I choose joy, laughter, and enthusiasm.
I choose self-esteem, understanding, and compassion.
I choose love, kindness, and friendliness.
I am worth liking and loving.
I approve of myself.
I choose health, prosperity, and success.
I choose enlightenment and forgiveness.
I choose to let love flow in all my relationships.
I choose harmony and loving communication.
I choose to see good in everyone.
I am open to divine ideas.
I trust that all is well in my world.
I allow myself to drift off into a deep, restful sleep.
Thank you for joining Louise Hay for this evening’s meditation. Sleep well and may all your dreams come true.

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