Louise Hay Daily Affirmations

Louise Hay created positive statements called “affirmations” that can help you feel better. She made a guide called “Love Your Body: Louise Hay daily Affirmations Guide,” where she talked about loving and feeling good about your body.

Louise Hay Daily Affirmation Guide” is all about appreciating and liking your body

The affirmations are for having a healthy body:

When we were babies, we loved our bodies without feeling bad or comparing ourselves. But later, we started believing in others who said we weren’t good enough. We began to criticize our bodies and think that’s where our problems were. Let’s forget that negativity and go back to loving and accepting our bodies as they are. Our bodies will change naturally, and if we treat them kindly, they’ll get better.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know jokes from truth. It believes what we say and think. By repeating these positive affirmations, we’ll plant new ideas in our minds, and they’ll become true. Stand in front of a mirror, say each affirmation 10 times, twice a day. Write them 10 times during the day. Do one affirmation a day until you finish the book. If you still dislike a part of your body, focus on it daily for a month or until it improves. If negative thoughts come up, recognize them and push them away.

Repeat the positive affirmations. Your resistance is where you stopped working. Focus on the part of your body you dislike overcoming it. Soon, you’ll have a body you love, and it’ll respond with good health. Every part of your body will work well together. Lines may vanish, weight can normalize, and posture may improve. What we keep affirming becomes true for us.

Examples of affirmations:

  • I love my mind.
  • My mind lets me see how amazing my body is.
  • I’m happy to be alive.
  • I believe I can heal myself.
  • I control my future with my thoughts.
  • I gain strength through my mind.
  • I think positive thoughts.
  • I like my mind.
  • I love my scalp.
  • My scalp is relaxed.
  • It provides a good place for my hair to grow.
  • I choose loving thoughts for my scalp.
  • I like my scalp.
  • I love my eyes.
  • My vision is perfect.
  • I see clearly.
  • I find good people and everything.
  • I create a life I like to see.
  • I like my eyes.
  • I love my ears.
  • I’m balanced and connected with everything.
  • I listen to good things.
  • I hear the need for love in people’s messages.
  • I try to understand others.
  • I enjoy hearing.
  • I’m open to listening.
  • I like my ears.

I love being connected to everything and everyone. I think thoughts that help me spread love. I like my fingers and think my fingernails are nice to look at. I feel safe and trust life as I relax. My nails grow strong. I enjoy the small, good things in life. I handle little things easily.

I like my spine, back, and being flexible. My spine is strong, and each part works together smoothly. This makes me strong and able to move easily. I can bend and stretch. I think thoughts that keep me safe and free. I feel supported by life itself. I feel loved and let go of fears and the past. I trust how life works. I think thoughts that provide for my needs.

Life helps me in ways I expect and don’t expect. I know life is on my side. I stand tall, supported by the love of life. I like being flexible. I can bend and come back to my center. I think thoughts that help me be flexible. I like my lungs. I have a right to take up space and exist. I breathe in and out freely. It’s safe to breathe. I trust the power that gives me breath.

I have enough breath to live as long as I choose. I now think of thoughts that make me feel safe. I like my breath. It’s precious and life-giving. I know I’m safe to live. I love life. I breathe in and out in harmony. I think thoughts that make my breath loving and sweet. I’m a joyful person. I go with the flow of life. I like my glands. They help me express myself. I’m unique and respect that. I create good things in my life with my thoughts. I’m strong and balanced. I’m a go-getter. I have energy. I like my heart. It spreads joy and new ideas.

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