Louise Hay Book Summary

Louise Hay – Heal Your Body

Healing and Taking Control of Your Health

Louise is a metaphysical counselor, teacher, and healer. Here I am good to share Louise Hay book summary which helps people who are concerned about their health and want to actively participate in their dealing or maintaining their well-being. Regardless of the specific disease, working with these ideas will improve your health.

Good health, as I understand it, involves having no fatigue, a good appetite, easy sleep, good memory, good humor, and precision in thought and action. It also means being honest, humble, grateful, and loving. How healthy are you?

I don’t heal anyone. My work is to help people understand how their mental patterns create their life experiences, both positive and negative, and how these patterns contribute to their physical health. Illness is the body’s way of signaling that there is a false belief or idea in our consciousness. It tells us that we are on the wrong track and need to change our thinking. Each illness is a lesson for us to learn.

Instead of just complaining or wanting to get rid of a condition, we need to focus on releasing what needs to be released. This is a time for healing and making our lives and bodies whole. I believe that we all have the inner wisdom and resources to accomplish this.

When we understand this process, we can consciously take control of the changes we want to make in our lives. It is an exciting journey and one of the most important adventures we can embark on. If you have found this tape, it means that you are already in the process of healing yourself. Something inside you has shifted, and the healing process has begun.

Every cell responds to our thoughts and words. Our continuous patterns of thinking and speaking shape our body behaviors, postures, and states of ease or dis-ease. Our inner dialogue and beliefs determine our experiences and our health.

I believe that it is our birthright to be completely healthy and fulfilled in all areas of our lives. I want to help you claim this birthright. The suggestions I will provide may seem simplistic, but they have been tried and proven successful. Please use them in addition to any treatment you may be receiving from a doctor or health professional.

Take a deep breath and find a comfortable position while you listen to this tape. Just let the ideas wash over you. Only the ideas that resonate with you will be accepted. It doesn’t matter if you understand them all or if they make sense to you right now. Just let yourself play this tape repeatedly, even if you’re not actively listening. Your subconscious mind will hear and record what you need.

Understanding the Cause of Illness:

I believe that all illness is self-created. Not that we consciously say that we want a certain illness, but we create a mental atmosphere where the disease can grow and thrive. Our internal mental dialogue affects every cell in our body.

Merely treating the symptoms is not enough. We need to eliminate the cause of the disease, which requires going within ourselves to where the process of illness began. I believe that we are each 100% responsible for every experience in our lives, both the best and the worst. Our thoughts and words create our experiences, and the universe supports our inner dialogue.

Our subconscious mind accepts as truth whatever we choose to believe about ourselves and life. What we believe becomes true for us. We have unlimited options about what we can think. Our beliefs are shaped by our early experiences and the reactions of the adults around us. If we were surrounded by fear or unhappiness, we learned negative things about ourselves and life.

We should not blame our parents, as they too were victims of victims. They could not teach us what they did not know themselves. Our parents did their best based on what they were taught as children.

Choosing Our Parents and Creating Experiences:

As we grow up, we tend to blame our parents for our issues. However, we chose them because they were perfect for th

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