Law of Attraction Planner: Make Someone Miss You Without Talking to Them

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You have the ability to make someone miss you without even talking to them. You don’t even need to be near them. So, do this.

You can make someone miss you without even talking to them. When you do this, you’re literally going to shift your connection with another person. That connection is going to become very strong and potent, and you’re going to be excited with the results that you get. I’m certain of it.

To make someone miss you, want you, even crave you, does not require you to be in their physical presence. Most people think that the more they’re around this person, the more they call, text, email, and try to meet them, the more they’re going to want them, the more they’re going to desire them. But that’s not true. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

When you seek to be in their presence constantly, it’s operating out of fear, a lack mentality, a poverty mindset. They feel that vibe and energy, and it doesn’t work. It turns them off. You may be doing this because you’ve placed them on a pedestal and think you have to constantly prove how special and worthwhile you are. But again, it’s quite the opposite.

The secret is to look in the mirror. What I really mean is it’s important that you examine your self-concept, how you feel about yourself, your own value and worth. Do you feel worthy or unworthy? Do you feel magnetic or repulsive? Do you feel desired and wanted or not cared for?

Before you use this technique that I’m about to share with you, it’s absolutely essential that you raise your own vibration, your own self-concept. It’s absolutely essential that you feel worthy, desirable, and magnetic.

I suggest every morning, after you’ve cleaned up, exercised, and gotten dressed for the day, spend one minute looking at yourself in the mirror. During that minute, affirm to yourself that you are worthy, special, desirable, wanted, and magnetic.

This works because it’s not only you affirming to yourself, but it acts like someone else affirming to you. It’s a very odd kind of thing when you look at yourself in the mirror and do this, but if you do it for one minute every morning, you will be shocked at the results you begin to get. Your self-esteem and personal power will begin to expand and grow. The mirror method is extremely powerful in raising your self-concept, which is essential to the technique I’m about to give you.

How you see yourself internally sends out a brand-new vibration. It breaks the old vibration and sends out a new uplifting vibration into the universe, into the quantum, connecting with your specific person. It shakes up your specific person because they have adapted to feeling your low vibe, constantly in their head. They had adapted to that, and that’s kind of how they see you and feel you. But not anymore because you’re doing the mirror work and shifting your self-concept and vibration.

They will no longer feel your neediness, clinginess, or willingness. They will instead feel this new vibration. It doesn’t matter if they’re living in the same house with you or 10,000 miles apart. The way I like to put it is, you begin to glow, and they feel your light.

Here’s a technique for you. Every time they come into your mind or thoughts, tell them the following: “You know you miss me. You know you want me. You know you crave me. You know I am the one.” Just simply say one of those sentences every time they come into your mind. You can use their name if it makes it more personable or feels like a deeper connection.

Also, every time you see the numbers 11:11, it’s a sign that a new beginning is taking place, and a new start is about to happen. Simply say, “You know

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