How To Surround Yourself with The Right People

Today, in this session I want to talk how to surround yourself with the right people? The people you choose to have in your life can have a tremendous effect on your success and overall well-being.

how to surround yourself with the right people

Importance of Choosing the Right People

There is a saying, “Company does affect”.
The phrase “Company does affect” teach us a lesson that your friend circle you keep can influence your thoughts, behavior, and even success. The people and environment around you can impact your attitudes and decisions.

Carl Menninger of the Menninger Foundation once said that “the environment is more important than heredity”. What that means is the people we surround ourselves with can influence us more with their inherited qualities than genetics alone. Throughout our lives, we continually adapt to our environment.

As you work towards improving the quality of your life and expanding your mindset, you will naturally attract a different group of people into your life. These individuals will make positive contributions to your life and help you reach your goals.

Interact with Those Who Are Making Progress

It’s essential to interact with people who are making things happen. Years ago, I began reading “Think and Grow Rich” and followed the advice of Remond Dallas Stanford. By doing so, I started connecting with more successful individuals, and my income started to rise. I felt happy and enjoyed being in their company.

Choosing Your Circle of Friends

When selecting friends, it’s crucial to be around people who don’t complain, think creatively, set big goals, and are eager to support and uplift you. The people you surround yourself with have a significant impact on your journey.

Evaluate Your Inner Circle

Take some time to assess the value of those you spend the most time with and ask yourself if you would want your children to become like them. If the answer is yes, then you are already in the right circle. If not, it’s time to seek new friends who align with your values and aspirations. Remember, those we surround ourselves with deeply impact our lives and shape who we become.

How to Evaluate this Summary:

The video explains how to connect with successful people using three secrets:

  1. Think globally, not just locally. Expand your horizons and connect with people worldwide.
  2. Connect with connectors who have a strong network and can introduce you to others.
  3. Lead with value, not demands. Connect effectively with connectors and build meaningful relationships.

Focus on what others want and link their desires to your goals.

Instead of asking, “How can I help you?” be specific about the problem you can solve.

Connect with successful people, expand your network, and connect effectively with connectors.

Remember, achieving what you want might be challenging, but it’s worth it.

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