How to Reprogram Your Mind?

How to reprogram your mind for success?

Now, let’s dive into the topic of reprogramming yourself for greatness. One thing I’ve learned is that most people underestimate their abilities and overestimate other people’s abilities. It’s like they believe that greatness is reserved for special people, and they don’t belong in that category. But let me tell you, how to reprogram your mind? greatness is attainable. It’s no different than working out in a gym and building muscle. Different body types may have different challenges, but the outcome is guaranteed when the effort is applied.

Now, let’s talk about where we are right now – halfway through the year. Did you resolve to achieve greatness in some areas of your life? Have you taken the steps over the last six months to get closer to that goal? Focused work for six months can produce amazing outcomes. If you’re not making progress, what’s stopping you? Is it a belief that you’re not made for this? It’s time to challenge those beliefs and prove to yourself that greatness is meant for you.

Far too often, our expectations are set too low. We think that greatness is meant for others, but it’s not. It’s meant for you. Let me prove it to you with an example. In 1990, there was an amazing fight between Mike Tyson and James Buster Douglas. The odds were stacked against Douglas, but he ended up winning the fight. It just goes to show that greatness can come from unexpected places.

Based on what all the sports commentators and experts said, Vegas gave them the odds of 421. So, the odds were stacked against Buster Douglas by 42 times that he would win. To make things worse, 23 days before the fight, Buster Douglas’s mom passed away. And to make things even worse, two weeks before the fight, his best friend was diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Now, on that day in 1990 in Japan, when he got in the ring with Mike Tyson, when the odds were stacked against him 421, Buster Douglas took it to Tyson and in the 10th round, knocked him out with a hook. That hook shot knocked out Tyson and Buster Douglas stood victorious.

The commentator asked him about his training and what he went through. Buster Douglas kept saying one thing: “I came in here to do what I was supposed to do.” Despite being the underdog, being counted out, and having the odds stacked against him, Buster Douglas transformed his pain and anger into focus and took down one of the greatest fighters of all time.

I’m here to tell you that oftentimes, you will underestimate yourself and overestimate others. I speak from personal experience. For example, I was molested as a child in Armenia, which made me feel broken and unlovable. We escaped the Soviet Union and came to the US, living in section 8 housing in gang-infested parts of Santa Ana, California. I had to fight back against gang members who wanted to steal my belongings.

On top of that, the school system diagnosed me with ADD and OCD, putting me on medication. I began to think that I wasn’t special and that great people haven’t experienced such adversity. But I realized that surviving abuse and going through trauma takes a special type of human. Despite all the challenges, I was building superpowers, just like every one of you out there.

There are no tests that can measure the heart and desire to win that Buster Douglas had. He fought for his mom, tapping into a level of determination that can’t be measured by stats or training. The same goes for other athletes like Dwyane Wade, who tapped into a controlled rage to become a world champion.

All the circumstances that have made you underestimate yourself can be reprogrammed for greatness. Don’t let others tell you what you can or can’t do. You have what it takes to achieve greatness, just like the elephant that was once held back by a tiny stake and rope.

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