How to MANIFEST What You WANT in Your Life?
When you begin to create from the field instead of from matter, the only way you can do that is by learning how to take all of your attention off your body and become a nobody. Take all of your attention off all the people in your life and go from someone to no one. If you’ve worked your whole life being someone or if you’ve been working your whole life thinking that you’re your body, you have to work a little harder to shift your identity. You have to go beyond all the things in your life and go from something to nothing. You have to stop thinking about the predictable future and the familiar past and go right into the present moment. If you do that properly, you become pure consciousness and enter the field.

When you create from the field, you combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion. You become connected to the quantum field, an invisible field of energy that unifies and connects everything material. Instead of going somewhere to get what you want, you become the vortex and draw the experience to you. This is more fun because the experience is unknown. Once you understand this formula and achieve brain and heart coherence, you will experience changes in your biology, neurologically, chemically, hormonally, and genetically. This has been measured and proven.

There are hundreds of testimonials of people who have healed their bodies and created magical things in their lives through this process. The brain is a record of the past, and most people wake up in the morning thinking about their problems, which keeps them stuck in the past. To change, we must be greater than our conditioned emotions and habits. We must settle into the present moment, which represents the unknown. This may feel threatening at first, but with practice, we can train our bodies to relax and expand into the present moment.

Executing a will that’s greater than the program because most people lose their free will to a set of programs and it’s the act of doing this to be greater than the conditions of our environment to be greater than our body as the mind and and to be greater than time that all of a sudden causes the person to start believing in themselves a little bit more and that’s when possibility starts to unfold.

Let’s say you’ve had some pretty rough experiences in your past and those experiences cause you to feel sad and unworthy and guilty and judgmental. You’ve gotten so used to feeling guilty and unworthy and judgmental that that feels normal to you. Then, because you feel kind of victimized, you blame people, and you complain, and you make excuses and you feel sorry for yourself. That’s your personality.

All of a sudden, you say today I’m not going to do that any longer because that’s the old self. Then you start off your day and it goes really well for about two hours. Then all of a sudden, the moment you realize that you’re no longer making the same choices as the day before, you are going to feel uncomfortable. It’s going to feel unfamiliar. It’s going to be uncertain. There’s going to be some unpredictability. And we now know that people would rather hold on to their guilt and unworthiness than to step into the unknown because at least they can feel something.

The moment you stop making the same choices that you always make, get ready because it’s going to be uncomfortable. That’s the moment you’re heading towards the new self. And we call it stepping into the river of change. But now remember, 95 percent of who you are is your body as the mind. You know you’ve done something enough times that your body does it better than your brain. So, you may actually complain unconsciously because your body does it all the time. And all of a sudden, you start hearing thoughts in your head that say why don’t you start tomorrow, it’s a better day. This is too hard for me. I can’t change. Something’s wrong with me. It’s my mother’s fault. It’s my ex-husband’s fault. It’s my ex-wife’s fault. I’m this way because of this event. Or the most important one, this doesn’t feel right.

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