How to Find Your Hidden Power?

How to Find Out Your Hidden Power?

How to find your hidden power? Friend “Inside you, there are hidden powers that often remain unused. You might only be using about 2%, 4%, or 5% of your mental skills and potential. You can harness your inner strengths, but no one may have shown you how to do it. If you feel that you can achieve more in life and that you have talents and potential, but you’re struggling to bring out those hidden abilities, then in the next few minutes, I’m going to give you seven tips in this article. These seven keys will help you unlock your incredible untapped power from within.”

To understand this, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a very brave king. He fought many battles and won many of them. After each battle, he would prepare for another one. His kingdom was growing, and with each victory, he had a loyal elephant who played a significant role in helping him win. The elephant was like his trusted companion, always carrying him into battle, and the king achieved numerous victories riding on its back.

As years passed, the king grew old, and the elephant also became weaker. It couldn’t contribute as much in battles as it used to. The king still loved the elephant, and he thought, “Why not keep the elephant in the royal palace? It can stay with me for various functions and celebrations. In this way, it can spend the rest of its days in comfort.”

But from time to time, Mahavat and some other people would take the elephant for a walk in the nearby forest. One day, when it was raining, Mahavat and the others took the elephant into the jungle. Suddenly, there was a hole-like pit, and the elephant slipped and fell into it. Now, the elephant was trying to get out. But no matter how hard it tried and how much it kicked its legs, it got stuck in the mud, and if there had been a smaller animal, it could have been rescued with ropes or some other help.

But the elephant was so huge, so strong that it became very difficult for everyone to get him out. The elephant himself might have thought that his end was near, and he might never be able to escape from this swamp. But the elephant was very dear to the king, so Mahavat felt that he should immediately inform the king about this situation.

As soon as the king heard that the elephant was stuck in this kind of trouble, he immediately went there with some ministers and soldiers. Seeing the king, the elephant started screaming, hoping that the king would save him. Now, the king ordered his soldiers to do whatever it takes to get the elephant out.

The soldiers made many attempts, but all in vain. Despite everyone’s efforts, the elephant slowly sank deeper into the swamp, and no method seemed to work. The elephant had not been in a battle for a long time, and he had also grown old. He might have started giving up from deep inside.

At that time, there was a very old minister in the king’s court. He gave a fantastic piece of advice. He suggested that during a war, they should play the drums and trumpets that are usually played during celebrations. Everyone found this idea quite strange. The king was also puzzled about how playing drums and trumpets during a war would help bring the elephant out of the swamp.

However, they had already tried all other options, and nothing else seemed to work. So, the king called the drummers and trumpeters who usually played during wars. They created a war-like atmosphere entirely, and when they played the drums and trumpets, it seemed like the army was preparing for battle.

The elephant, who had spent his whole life with these sounds, felt his inner strength surge with the music. Every time they played the drums and trumpets, it seemed like the energy within him was released. And this time, too, when he heard those sounds, he felt like a battlefield was being prepared. It was as if the power hidden inside him was coming out with the sound of the drums and trumpets. Just like in a real battle, he put all his strength into it and emerged from the swamp.

“There was strength inside the elephant, but it needed something very tough to get it out, and it was the sound of the chains that brought out that strength from within. Similarly, all of us have a lot of hidden strength inside us that needs to be brought out. If you want to bring out the amazing hidden strength within you, I will share with you 7 things to follow.”

7 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Power:

1# First, have regular meetings with your coach or mentor:

Let’s understand who a mentor or coach is – they are individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve and have been where you want to go. They’ve made all the mistakes you might make, but they learned from them and moved forward. Such a coach can provide the right guidance and support. They can see the full potential hidden within you, which you might not see yourself. When you start feeling like it can’t be done, your coach can inspire you, hold your hand, and prepare you to move forward. So, when you regularly meet with your coach and spend time with them, you can identify your mistakes, understand problem areas, and figure out how to improve.”

2# The second idea for unleashing your inner power is called the “Monthly Review:

With this method, you won’t need help from anyone else. It means you can rely on your own strengths to reach your goals. Here’s how it works: At the beginning of each month, you write down your goals for the upcoming month. You should set aside at least an hour or two each month to work on these goals.

When the month comes to an end, you check which of the goals you set for the previous month were accomplished and to what extent. You think about whether you achieved those goals and what results you got.

Afterward, you re-evaluate your goals for the next month, taking into account what you learned from the previous month. By consistently following this process for the months ahead, you can boost your self-confidence and get better with each big goal.

There’s also a formula for this, known as “S A C E S,” which helps you figure out which actions are helping you achieve your goals and which ones are not.

It’s essential to have regular meetings with your coach and review your goals every month. This way, you can tap into your inner talents and keep improving with each significant goal.

3# The third idea is about finding your inner strength through “biographies:

Biographies are books that tell the life stories of successful people. They share their experiences, challenges, and journey in their own words. Sometimes, it’s like reading someone’s personal life story, which can inspire you when you see them overcoming problems, just like anyone else. It gives your ideas on how to tackle your issues, face challenges, deal with struggles, and step out of your comfort zone.

So, reading the life stories of successful people can be a great way to get inspired and learn from their experiences. This is the third idea, and I’ve already shared seven things to help you unleash your best abilities.

4# Study how different brands have interesting stories behind them:

No matter if it’s Mercedes, Apple, or Samsung, each brand had a long journey to become what we see today. Ferraris or iPhones have changed a lot over the years. For example, the iPhone has had 15 versions, all getting better with upgrades. This kind of change and growth happens with many great brands. Reading these stories can be pretty fascinating.

5# The fifth thing you need is to have an inspiring inner circle –

people around you or those you’re close to. If the people around you always try to push themselves and solve new challenges, you won’t even have to force yourself to do things; it will become automatic. Your mindset will start developing in a way that you, too, will try to solve new big challenges and problems. So, I’ve shared five things already, and I’ll tell you the next two, listen carefully.

6# The sixth thing you can do is to engage in activities that bring out your inner talents:

That “I’ll do it this time, I’ll change everything” mindset is temporary, more like a motivation booster. The decisions you make, the changes you promise, they’re all temporary. Your performance truly relies not on your motivation but on you. So, prepare an environment for yourself that encourages you, an environment that motivates you to be better, to push beyond your comfort zone every time.

7# The seventh and final way to bring out your inner strength is through journaling:

Writing down your thoughts in a diary or notebook. It’s a time when you’re by yourself, thinking about what’s going on, what’s not working, and how things could be better. When you jot down your thoughts and spend time reflecting, it often brings new ideas to your mind that can inspire you to move ahead. These ideas might give you the push you need to progress.

Sure, the article talks about seven things that can bring out hidden strength within you. Here they are in simpler terms:

  1. Connect regularly with a mentor or coach.
  2. Review your goals monthly.
  3. Read biographies or watch videos/movies.
  4. Explore brand stories.
  5. Cultivate a strong inner circle – keep improving and surround yourself with good people.
  6. Create an environment for super productivity in your work area.
  7. Start journaling your thoughts.

After understanding these techniques, choose one to start acting on today. Let me know in the comments which one you resonated with and are beginning to implement.

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