These Are Five Things You Have To Tell Your Children Before You Die- Parent Advice

Following the reality of their death is a difficult and emotional journey as a parent you have a deep desire to leave a lasting impact on your child’s life.

When you feel that you have no more time to spend on the earth and leave alive so some important things you have my share with your children before you pass away it is very important with the suggestion you give your child is based on your personal belief and value what you learn from life and circumstance. Here are the five important things you have to talk about with your children.

1. Sentence
Oh my! child I love you, you are part of my heart:
Show: -these sentences show you are unconditional love and affection to your child.
aim: – let them know how much you love them their importance in your life and how much Joy they bring into your life.
benefits: – it’s standing for them when they face difficulties in life that time, they will feel your love and support.
It gives them strength.
The word which shows your unconditional love towards your child makes you the most beloved and unforgettable person in your child’s life.

2. Sentence
I remember when you bring your first prize in front of me and tell me, papa, I win. That movement brings me the happiest memory of my life.
show: -These types of sentences show unforgettable and happiest memories.

Aim: – To tell your children like this sentence which remains about a special movement and experience which you spent together with your child.
It shows how important he is in your life.
benefits: -it helps your child as a source of comfort inspiration and connection with you.
Help to understand the importance of the small happiest things which make life happy and enjoyable.

3 Sentence
In my absence, you have to take care of your sister and your mom, and they will also support you and love you.
show: -These types of sentences show the responsibility he had to take and family support.

Aim: – The significance of taking responsibility and having a strong support network of family friends and trusted persons.

benefit: – your child does not feel alone in navigating life’s challenges these people give them guidance, support, and care.
Taking responsibility gives him the strength to face challenges and problems.

4. Sentence
Remember, always follow the part of honesty and don’t believe whose people use you and lie to you:

Show – These types of Sentences show value and Life lessons.

Aim: –Life lessons which you acquire over the year in your life share your experiences like understanding people.

Benefit: – The important values installed in your child importance of honesty, kindness, and sympathy.
help to understand the journey of life.

Able to understand others and treat others with kindness.

5. sentence

I believe you my dear you have unique talent and passion that will lead you to full fill your dream never be discouraged by obstacles and always follow your heart knowing that I am seeing you from heaven.

Show: – These types of words are motivated your child.

Aim: –Motivated the child for their journey encourage your child to follow their dreams and share your belief to increase their potential.
Also included are these things or decisions which give you life lessons.

benefit: – it remains the child everyone has their unique part they should never be discouraged from seeing and lesion others.
Able to classify what is wrong and what is right.
Focus on their dreams and achieve their own goal.
Able to face challenges bravely.
Your Trust brings them joy and they can fulfill their dreams.

Consider the following when you communicate with your child: –
1 Remember these conversations are based on your style, life, and value.
2 this conservation is according to your child’s age or understanding.
3 First of all find a quiet and comfortable place for conversation where you are openly able to talk with your child.
This conservation can provide a deep sense of connection and assurance for both of you to navigate this challenging time.

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