Fearless Friday: HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR FEAR AND BECOME FEARLESS | Buddhist Monk and Mouse story

Fearless Friday: HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR FEAR AND BECOME FEARLESS | Buddhist Monk and Mouse story | Buddhist story

Overcoming Fear: The Tale of the Mouse

Once upon a time, in a village, there was a tree where foreign music was played. Under this tree, there was a hole where a mouse lived. The mouse was constantly trying to come out of its hole but would always go back inside due to fear of the cats that lived around the tree. The mouse was hungry but couldn’t come out to find food because it was afraid of being attacked and eaten by the cats.

One day, the monks who were meditating under the tree noticed the mouse’s fear. They approached the mouse and asked why it was afraid. The mouse explained that it was scared of the cats and wished it could be a cat itself, so it wouldn’t have to live in fear. The monks felt pity for the mouse and decided to turn it into a cat using their mantra.

As soon as the mouse turned into a cat, it joyfully ran away to find food. However, after a few days, the cat returned to the monks, crying. It explained that it had become afraid of dogs and had been attacked by them. The cat now wished to become a dog, so it could live without fear. Once again, the monks felt compassion for the cat and transformed it into a dog.

But even as a dog, the former mouse still lived in fear. It had a terrifying encounter with a lion and narrowly escaped. Now, the dog wanted to become a lion to roam freely without fear. The monks, feeling pity once again, turned the dog into a lion.

However, even as a lion, the former mouse continued to be fearful. It was chased by people who tried to capture and imprison it. The lion now wished to become a human, believing that only as a human could it live without fear. The compassionate monk explained to the lion that no matter what form it took, fear would always be present unless it conquered its fear within. The lion realized the truth and transformed back into a mouse.

This tale teaches us that fear resides within us, and changing our external circumstances won’t eliminate it.

We must face our fears and conquer them if we are to conquer our fears and prosper in life. Our progress and ability to realize our greatest potential can be hampered by fear.

It can influence our decisions and motivate us to change ourselves or our plans. Many people live with different fears, such as the fear of exams, authorities, the future, or death. Even successful individuals have faced fear at some point, but they didn’t let it overpower them. They faced their fears and emerged victorious.

To conquer fear and achieve success in life, we must achieve victory over our fears. We should understand that fear is an internal battle and cannot be simply eradicated by changing external circumstances. It requires inner strength and determination to confront and control our fears.

Identify Your Fear: Take a moment to reflect on which fear is holding you back in life. Accept them and confront them.

Challenge Your Fear: Once you’ve identified your fears, challenge them. Break them down into manageable steps and take action to gain control over them.

Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or professionals who can help you confront your fears and achieve victory over them.

Embrace Failure: Failure is a part of life and often arises from taking risks and confronting our fears. Accept it as an opportunity to learn and use it to become stronger.

Practice Self-Care: Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential to gaining control over fear. Engage in activities that bring you joy and contribute to your resilience.

Remember, fear may always be present, but you can control its impact on your life. Achieve victory over your fears and embrace life without limits.

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